Sunday, 23 June 2013

My study area

Today I was supposed to check my remaining four active nest boxes at the reservoir after work but unfortunately and rather foolishly I left my wellies at home. Plan B was to stay home for an hour then to the coastal site after lunch. It was blowing a hooly, 28mph gusting to over 40.... For the Guillemot colony in Hudder Cove I was able to get down low and a bit of shelter. Picked up another three chick records that I failed to get at egg stage. On the main islet viewing was impossible from the vantage point, I found it very difficult to stand up or crouch down in the wind. Viewing the Guillemot ledges in Hells Mouth was ok but it's a considerable distance and being more exposed than Hudder Cove the birds were doing very little.

The Guillemot today in Hudder Cove


The yellow arrow on top of the islet is the Cormorant colony
The two red arrows are the lower slopes where the Shag breed
The three green arrows are Guillemot colonies with sprinklings of Razorbill
The white arrow are where the Fulmar breed within the cove
The blue arrow is another islet where a pair of Oystercatcher bred
The middle Guillemot colony cannot be seen adequately for monitoring and the green arrow pointing downwards is Hudder Cover


Hells Mouth without any arrows

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