Saturday, 22 June 2013

Almost 100% success rate

Today I managed to scrape 4hrs on the coast managing to gain records on most of the Guillemot on my hit list. The list being those recorded at egg stage but not yet recorded at chick stage. Unfortunately a couple had to be recorded as failures but to date I now have 19 at chick stage. Also gained another Shag record, 2 chicks "in pin".

Down the road this afternoon I checked the boxes on Mrs Pipers land, 3 have fledged and the one with one egg remains the same. From the other boxes 20 eggs were laid (9 Blue Tit, 10 Great Tit) with all but one Great Tit egg hatching and all fledging. The single egg in the other box has been incubated for at least 21 days now so mid-week will see this closed out as a failure.

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