Friday, 10 May 2013

13 new cards

An attempt at Stithians this morning for open nesting didn't go all that well. Sedge Warblers still singing, no sign of building Whitethroat and very quite on the whole, not unexpected with 20+mph winds.

After a couple of hours I gave up and did a nest box round. 8 boxes now taken, 50% down on the previous two years.

After lunch it was over to Hells Mouth where two new Cormorant nests now have eggs and a Lesser-Black-backed Gull has gone down on 2. I thought I had to Razorbill as well until a Peregrine flushed them revealing nothing.

Down the road and two more boxes now have eggs, tapping ivy on a wall gave me a Dunnock nest with 4 blind young and my other box area in woodland owned by Mrs Harvey - well, when I knocked on her door she showed me a Blackbird nest in her Ecuba bush that had just started incubating.

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