Saturday, 9 March 2013

Eggs at last

The day started with a bit of time watching the feeders down on the patch deciding whether to finish them this weekend or keep it going for one more week thinking of the cold snap that is forecast for Monday. The feeders were quiet with only 15 Chaffinch, no Brambling etc. The Long-tailed Duck has gone from the reservoir as things move out whilst conditions remain favourable. I'm still undecided to be honest what to do with the feeders. A walk around looking for Long-tailed Tit building brought nothing although two Carrion Crow were seen building. One should be gettable, the other I think looks as though it's the wrong side of the fence on private land.

It was then over to Hells Mouth where things are getting better - A pair of Kestrel on territory, a Raven sitting on a nest that I cannot see into properly for an egg count, 70 Fulmar on their ledges and - 3 Cormorants sitting. One nest containing three eggs, one containing two and one containing one. It's about time considering Cormorant eggs in Looe and Plymouth only 60 miles away are now hatching.

Also driving around I have seen a Magpie carrying material and a pair of Jackdaw placing sticks into some-ones chimney.

Tomorrow is my last WeBS count until September then it's nest recording all the way......


  1. Good to see that you have seen your first eggs Simon, it's just the beginning mate. Hope our meeting still happens in April. Take care mate.


    1. Thanks Mark. Got no passerine activity at all though.