Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Using the ears

The idea was after work to top up the feeders on the reserve then just relax for half hour in the hide before going home at dusk.

Unfortunately the place was covered in mist, could hardly see a thing. By the entrance gate a Song Thrush was belting his song out, I'll be watching this one has I have yet to record this species for the Nest Record Scheme. Listening from the hide at least 3 Water Rail were calling out, 2 Blackbirds, Teal were calling from the sallows and the Coot were well, being Coots.

A Robin was alarm calling, Snipe were calling as they were flying off to feed in the fields and the Lapwing were peewitting from the field behind. The Fieldfare were calling as they flew overhead going to roost.

Hardly saw a bird but heard loads just by sitting there quietly in conditions that too many bird watchers just wouldn't bother with......

A delightful end to the day.

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