Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nest building begins

There was an air of excitement on New Years Day at Hells Mouth. You could just feel that something was going to happen soon. Went back this morning for a 2hr watch and observe session, any tell tale signs etc and actually picked up two Shag nest building. Unfortunately where Shag are concerned I still wont be expecting eggs until March. Very little Raven activity however the raptors were out in force with two Peregrines, one Kestrel and three Buzzard passing by. 65 Fulmar on their ledges but after two visits I have still to record Cormorant. I hope they return otherwise that's up to ten cards down the pan. The Jackdaws are gathering with over 50 being counted. I'll be making good notes on these this year. I didn't really notice it last year until it was two late but after their breeding season they vanished from the cliff faces completely coming back when the Fulmar young were fledging. This didn't just happen at Hells Mouth but six miles down the road in Portreath also.

A couple of hours were spent at Stithians this afternoon looking for Marsh Tit, nothing found where i was hoping to see them and no signs of any nest building anywhere by anything. The Mallards are beginning to pair up now though and the reservoir is holding a Great Crested Grebe. This is a very interesting bird, unfortunately a single bird at the moment. I say interesting because this species do not over winter on the reservoir. The earliest they have returned from their wintering grounds in the past 5 years has been 26th January (2009) and 27th Jan (2008). All other years has been February so it's one to watch if it quickly becomes two.

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