Sunday, 18 November 2012

WeBS and Starlings

I was looking forward to the WeBS count this morning at Stithians especially getting to grips with  the Water Rail. Hoping to record at least six but unfortunately only managed four. Good numbers of Little  Grebe (15) and Black-headed Gull (212) though. Unfortunately with the water levels being as high as they are there is no opportunity to spot colour rings on the Gulls.

A WeBS count of Pendarves Lake didnt give much so -

It was down to Marazion for the Starling roost. Approx 30,000 last weekend, 50,000-60,000 mid week, 220,000 reported last night. Too good to miss. Whilst the sheer volume of birds was great, the wind pretty much killed it with the birds flying straight into the bushes after gathering in the fields with very little chattering being heard.

Will try again next weekend hopefully.