Sunday, 25 November 2012

Insulted on the Winter Thrush survey

finally after weeks of waiting spare time and reasonable weather came together to enable me to start the BTO Winter Thrush survey around the village

The first part of the walk produced very little, moderately strengthed wind probably not assisting. Having walked across the top road and back into the village it was time to check behind the village shop etc.

Walking on the outskirts of the estate with bins around the neck and a clipboard in hand a vulnerable resident (one legged) driving a mobility scooter asked if i would open his gate. No problem to which i did then offered assistance to get him into his house which wasnt needed. Feeling proud of doing a simple good deed as i turned to leave he asked me what i was selling. I felt like saying binoculars! Anyway one mustn't be rude so a simple explanation from me, a confused look from him, it was time to leave.

After weeks of waiting i managed to see 6 Redwing, 2 Fieldfare and 1 Song Thrush- weeks of waiting for that (oh and a few Starling)......

With enough time left to complete a second square i filled out the details on the record sheet and stupidly put no rain - 10 minutes later it poured down, ending the second survey before it started.