Tuesday 2 May 2017

Another box oddity

The box above contained 1 egg on the 14th April, today it contained 3 eggs, still cold on bare wood. I never had the opportunity to identify the species therefore the record cannot be submitted. Assuming the last egg was laid on the 16th they are probably now dead.

This morning saw a low mist around 7am, the sort that is easily burnt off revealing clear blue skies. By 7.45am the temperature was higher than at any point yesterday. Checking boxes that I have an incomplete clutch count, boxes still at NL or less and boxes of unidentified species was the order for today and I had extracted more information in half an hour than I did in three hours yesterday morning. I have also possibly found a crevice in behind bark that could be used by Coat Tit. One bird was seen to go in this morning and excavate a bit of rotten wood out. If it does get used it's recordable and will constitute my first Coal Tit record

2 Blackbird at FL and a few days away from fledging 

6 Great Tit young, blind and naked 

  6 Blue Tit eggs

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