Wednesday, 26 April 2017

When the North wind doth blow

everything stops

Tonight after work I checked approx. 40 boxes in the first section of wood and once again as per last year, signs of delayed incubation and / or delayed laying mid clutch. The section I checked, I am totally convinced that this area is a couple of degrees colder than other areas being slightly higher and more exposed. I think next season I may try an experiment with thermometers at either end and in the middle.

Some slightly better news - bagged my second Wren nest record tonight, 2 eggs.

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  1. Mighty cold here too, we were delayed going out, but managed to check the two nests we'd found and also found another finished nest ready to roll. Probably robin but you never know we may have found a new species for our tally! Definitely less activity around the hedge, but then our hands and noses were frozen so I am not surprised.