Sunday, 23 April 2017

More hatchlings

Started off today on the coast, first Cormorant nest has hatched, 2 young with an egg still to hatch. I love baby Cormorant's they way their heads and necks move around like serpents is a pleasure to watch. One Cormorant nest (no eggs recorded) has completely disappeared.

Story for Cormorant now is -

1 X 2 BL NA + 1 egg, 6 on clutches of 4, 1 on a clutch of 3, 2 yet to lay

Shag -

3 on clutches of 3, 1 on incomplete clutch of 2

I also have 4 boxes in a private garden nr Truro where all four are occupied. Two Blue Tit's and 2 Great Tit's being the owners. The Blue Tit's have incomplete clutches of 3 eggs and 5 eggs,  one Great Tit box still at NL, and the other another mystery like one yesterday - 1 egg on the 15th, 4 cold uncovered eggs today. Incubation should probably have commenced on the 18th, both birds are still present so once again we'll have to wait and see

Over in the woods and the first of the lined Wren nests now has one egg, my LT Tit nest was due a visit any day so had one today - 2 young presumably BL NA and 4 eggs. The full picture on the boxes as follows -

35 with eggs
34 at NL
9 at N4
5 at N3
6 at N2
8 at N1
81 empty

Quietly confident that I should get around 80 make it to the eggs stage. The next couple of days will be spent checking the eggless nests again.

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