Thursday, 20 April 2017

Gain some lose some

Out checking boxes again tonight, mainly the ones that were at NL on Friday. Another 7 records with three completed clutches of 5 eggs, 6 eggs and 8 eggs. With the females off feeding and no alarming to identify the owners another visit "to the area" will be needed.

Another Wren nest has made it to NL, I have to be honest in that I don't like this nest. It's so shallow in the wall by standing back you can see all the white feather lining. Guaranteed to be predated this one. Talking of predation a Wren nest at N4 has been predated, ripped apart by something.

A Mute Swan at work that was on two eggs last Thursday is now clutched on five eggs. Perfectly fitting in with my visit she had covered the eggs and gone for a swim making things easy. Unfortunately the materials used to cover the eggs are a sign of today's society.....

 Mute Swan

 predated Wren

Wren at NL

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  1. What a shame, a beautiful creation of nature spoiled by human litter. :( Makes me sad and mad all rolled into one, I cannot abide litter.