Saturday, 29 April 2017

Box hatchlings

The morning was spent mentoring James on his patch in his first year of recording with Daniel who was my mentor when I started. The morning started off warm, soon clouded over, the wind got up and the temperature dropped. There's a big difference in activity since my last visit two weeks ago and through watching back we were able to find 2 Linnet nests at NL, 1 suspected Willow Warbler nest at N2 and a flushed Woodpigeon with 2 eggs so a reasonable morning

On my own patch in the woods the first nest box eggs have hatched, a clutch of 6 Great Tits. Records have tumbled with this pair having smashed 7 days off the earliest nest box egg since the scheme began in 2013 and knocking 9 days off the earliest Great Tit record.

The reason for not being in a rush to get the second count of boxes with eggs is now for all to see with the images below - a Blue Tit clutch of 9 eggs and one of 10 eggs.

Two Song Thrush nests are still active with all young at FM, one nest containing three, one containing one. Another one to check tomorrow.

 Blue Tit 9 eggs

 Blue Tit 10 eggs

    Song Thrush chick

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