Saturday, 10 September 2016

2016 Nest record results and images

This year saw 200 nest records submitted mainly due to the extremely dry weather in April and May. Whilst much of the country had cool wet conditions, Cornwall had two wet days only in both April and May allowing for far more hours to be spent in the field looking for nests than would normally be available although I was on the Isle of Mull for 11 days in May on holiday.

My nesting revolves around the nest box scheme in the local woods, built and funded by myself. This takes priority and is a great way to try to engage others into nature. All other nest records for woodland species are gained in between box rounds. A seabird colony is also monitored with the priority being Cormorant and Fulmar with all other species being subject to available time and good weather.

Below is a table for 2016 

and here is the comparable table for last year -

The biggest user of the boxes is undoubtedly Blue Tit and here are tables for this year and for comparison last years results(bottom)

With 61.7% of the eggs producing chicks that fledged in 2016, this year was far better than 2015 where only 37.7% of the eggs went on to produced fledged young. The increase in number of nests in 2016 was due to the box scheme expanding to cover new areas of woodland and will continue to increase this winter with a potential 25 boxes to be added to a new area

Great Tit have had a slightly worse season than last year with a similar number of nests being built

The subject of Nuthatch is discussed at length in the annual "Landowners Report" that will be issued shortly. Rather than an increase in boxes that has seen the Nuthatch rise from 1 pair to 3 pairs, it is the breeding success that has contributed. The first suitable boxes for Nuthatch were erected in 2013 where none were used, the same occurring in 2014. In 2015 7 young fledged from the 1 pair with 3 pairs using boxes this year. Hopefully 2017 will see a further rise to 4 pairs.

A summary of sea birds will appear at a later date

in the meantime here's some images from the woods

 Mistle Thrush young

Blackbird young and unhatched egg 

Blue Tit young (2) and eggs 

Blue Tit's near to fledging 

Great Tit's near to fledging

Nuthatch young

Nuthatch about to enter the box with food

Blue Tit leaves with a faecal sac whilst the partner arrives with a caterpillar

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