Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Checking out the summer legs

No, not a misogynistic comment but another 3 hrs spent on the Hayle this morning looking for colour ringed birds before I am brought back to earth with tomorrows return to work after 5 days holiday. A 90 minute wait resulted in blue Herring Gull W:188, a local bird but pleasing to see, if for no other reason it avoided the blank. Not long after that find black Herring Gull 420 dropped in which was ringed at Radipole Lake in 2011.

Black 420 was vaguely familiar when found, it was only when Terry sent the life history I found out just how familiar.

A 2hr session this afternoon at Stithians saw orange Cormo TBY stop me from blanking here, then, just as I was about to leave a ringed Herring Gull dropped in and stood on the other side of a bank revealing just the top couple of mm of the ring and none of the digits. An anxious 10 minute wait and it was in the bag - blue W:070

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