Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Today I went back down to the engine houses armed and dangerous - well armed with ladders. Unfortunately the Raven were just too high to get to as were 2 Jackdaw nests. This image of Mark with my mirror on a stick tied to his extendable pole shows the difficulty

however - 

This Jackdaw nest contained 3 eggs 

There was no need to get to the Raven nest as we found out- viewing from outside enabled views of 3 chicks that were so big they must be ready to fledge. You can just see a bill of two of them in the image below. (The second bill is far right)

This is an image of both nests - the Raven nest being the top one

In the second engine house this Jackdaw is on 4 eggs

and this Jackdaw has gone so far into this recess it is un-monitorable.  It's over an arms length in

And for those not familiar with Cornish engine houses from the days of tin mining - these derelict ruins are in many places, this is the one housing the Raven's.

Don't forget to check out Mark's blog - West Cornwall Ringing Group which can be found down the right hand side

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