Sunday, 2 March 2014


Today has been boring.....
It's been one of those Sunday's I used to dread as a kid - wet and crap. After work this morning it was planned to go to Stuarts house again to see if he was in and I was also going to place some securers on the box lids that I erected last week as I had forgotten to put them on when building them. I had just got home when it began to drizzle, then rain, then rain heavily. No walk to Stuart's and housebound with no timber left
Another passion in life is cycling. I love watching professional cycling however my own cycling is now limited to commuting the 13 miles to work really. The bike was filthy after all the recent inclement weather so it got a wash, polish and lubricated.  The beast is a Giant Defy 20 speed. I don't have a computer on the bike because it encouraged me to take risks to beat my fastest times to work (37 mins) and back home (47 mins) if the legs and weather were good. The final straw came when I tried to take a roundabout at 30mph. I did get round it but only just and I mean - only just. The computer was taken off when I got home. Now I just cycle like a normal person. 

In the garden today there has been little bird activity like there has been all winter. A Jackdaw with a yellow bill has been visiting but I have yet to grab a photo of it to send to the BTO. Here are some ordinary looking Jackdaws in crap weather in my garden

I've had a play around with maps today also. The map below shows my area of Troon. The arrow points to the Rookery down the road from my house, the woodland outlined in red I have nest boxes, in blue I have permission and in black I'm trying to get permission. The area to the right, Carn Moor could be hunting grounds for me to find Linnet nests as the area is low gorse mixed with heather. This will be time dependant after the woods.

The map below shows the area that will be covered if Stuart grants permission. There is another section of woodland to the Northeast which you can see sweeps to the right back towards Troon. I'm not sure whether I will cover this area or not. It will depend on -
  • finding who the owners are
  • how successful my current boxes are
  • time management

Tomorrow - a Badger Group illustrated talk that I have arranged in Cornwall this Friday......

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