Saturday, 15 February 2014

Out at last......

Today has seen a lull in the weather. Cornwall has been battered with winds, rain and angry seas. My first port of call today was my patch on the coast to see the Cormorants. Usually at this time of year you could expect to see 3 or 4 nests being built. Whilst this wasn't expected this morning, the fact that there were no Cormorant there at all was unexpected.... I wait with baited breath for their return. No Raven either.....

After lunch it was down in the woods where I started to put up the first boxes in Stennack Wood

Here's the first box going up. You'll note that as a qualified Safety Officer I have secured the ladder at the top and footed the ladder with a second person. (my arse). Even if I had it still wouldn't have stopped the fact that I leaned back to admire the box whilst still on the ladder and nearly lost my balance.

Many trees have come down as you will see below

This falling tree brought another one down with it

This box is for Nuthatch. I'm glad that I didn't lose balance whilst putting this one up. A rather precariously placed branch needing a bit of watching

And a general view, I didn't see anybody all afternoon.

The 11 that went up this afternoon now take my grand total to 75 with enough timber in the garage to make another 20.

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