Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A day from hell

Today has been a day from hell. A really bad day at work. The morning wasn't great, the afternoon was just dreadful.

Now, after a bad day or week there are many ways in which people try to raise their spirits. Some women (and some men these days actually as well) could find themselves being pampered with a facial or buying a new dress. Some might buy 20 hole Doc Martens coloured white (I know some-one who wants a pair). Some men go to the pub and get drunk by consuming copious amounts of alcohol in a very short time usually on an empty stomach. 

Fortunately when I have had a crap day I neither have facials nor buy dresses, I don't drink alcohol but I have owned several pairs of Docs (black is a must!). What I do is get home from work and relax with my chop saw converting this -    

to this -

via this -

All 10 of my fingers are still intact and the race is on to get these boxes made by Friday - 20 planks, 3 nights, got to be ready for putting them up at the weekend (when it's bound to piss down :-)  ).

And the Song Thrush was singing again tonight at dusk. I do hope tomorrow is better than today......

Now, where did I put that new dress and those 20 hole white DM's.........

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