Sunday, 26 January 2014

Treecreeper Jackpot!

Which means more money and more boxes......

I didn't have access to a car yesterday so couldn't put up the 12 Tit boxes I currently have built. Instead I decided to walk up to Carn Moor from the village, it's only 15 minutes. I haven't seen this area in springtime so I don't actually know it's nesting potential. The walk didn't help much finding only 1 singing Dunnock, 7 horses and a load of sheep.

I came down from the moor, walked through the village down to the woods to check out the 3rd section of wood before approaching the landowner to put up boxes. Plenty of Tit activity and the place looked ripe for Treecreeper. Sure enough I eventually heard the high pitched call of Treecreeper and managed to see it. Now I know they are in the woods I'll purchase a load of timber next month and build some wedge boxes.

On the way back I found this huge nest in a conifer tree. My gut feeling is it's an old one but I'll be delighted if the Buzzards in the area are still using it.


  1. Try and get some photos or plans of Dave Francis new design Treecreeper box as shown at the Swanwick conference. They appear very successful.

    Kelvin Jones
    BTO Cymru