Thursday, 7 November 2013

They might not be pretty -

but who cares........

Over the last week I have spent time in my garage breaking up, sawing and putting together the two pallets I nicked the other week. With the aid of some off cuts I had laying around the garage and a whole pile of screws and nails that had been given to me by a retired Joiner (my old Shop Steward, thanks Colin) I have constructed 8 nest boxes for £0.

Now, birds to a degree are not fussy so, although boxes have to be adequate and suitable they do not need to be perfect. Happen as well really because I'm not a Joiner and my DIY skills are crap (at best). Siting of the boxes is far more important. Such are my DIY skills that tonight, whilst cutting the floor of the last box my saw slipped whilst in use narrowly avoiding a medieval style amputation as the saw crossed over the thumb knuckle with copious amounts of blood following. Some field repairs (to the thumb, not saw) saw kitchen towel (bog roll is far too common) and sellotape combine to make an effective treatment allowing me to carry on.

Anyway, here we are, after breaking my drill bit, the electric saw packing up, near thumb amputation, I have made 8 boxes for Blue Tit and Great Tit from nothing more than 2 pallets, some offcuts, sticky backed plastic and a pair of Val's old knickers (for those old enough to remember Valerie Singleton and John Noakes).

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