Saturday, 8 June 2013

Still building, still hatching

A 5hr session today on the coast was cut short, should have been 7 hrs but the day started with thunder, lightning and heavy rain. By 10am it was all clear and time to head to the coast.

The idea of spending so long here was to get data on every existing Cormorant and Shag nest record whilst hopefully adding some new ones for any species. Only two new records were added although one was Cormorant itself, two eggs. Two Shag have also built nests but no eggs yet. The nearby Raven chicks have now left their nest and are close by.

Eggs are still hatching and a poor digiscoped record shot does not do justice to watching an adult trying to help it's chick out of half an egg shell

Normally I don't mention people that stop and talk to me usually because the conversation starts with "are you watching something rare" and it's quite boring. My interest and passion is British Breeding Birds not birds thousands of miles off course, disorientated and in poor condition. The conversation started like that today with John from N. Yorkshire but once I had explained my interest he told me of his holiday on Mull. Turns out we were up there the same week, had a right old chin wag......

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