Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Worse season than last year?

The wind continues to blow from the Northerly direction at speeds of over 20mph. Yesterday saw much heavy rain and winds gusting over 50mph causing trees and branches to fall at Stithians. Luckily not those with nest boxes on.

Passerine activity was again very low key this morning so I decided to check the boxes. One has deserted already leaving 7 boxes in use from 32. Very poor.

After lunch a trip to Hells Mouth was aborted after 5 minutes when I found myself struggling to hold up my binoculars let alone keep a scope still.

A check of some boxes down the road has given another two incubating Great Tits. This year I have far more activity from Great Tit's than Blue Tits.

Deserted eggs

6 Tit eggs

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