Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cormorant misery

Started off with checking some Tit boxes last night, 31 boxes with 29 of them still empty. One was N3 (3/4 built) and one was NL (nest lined).

Stithians this morning gave me my first record here this year - 5 minutes into my walk and I found a Carrion Crow sitting on 2 eggs. Plenty of Willow Warbler singing and a single Sedge Warbler.

Over to Hells Mouth and the Cormorant have been pummelled. Three empty nests, two young on the rest meaning 8 chicks and 1 egg currently survive from 22 eggs.  Four of the young were still blind so it's possible there may still be a couple of eggs that may have been out of sight for me but my gut feeling is that there isnt. It's potentially worse than last year when only 9 fledged from 36 eggs.

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