Saturday, 9 February 2013

At last.....

Cormorant activity, but first -

With limited time tomorrow for WeBS i decided to undertake one count today. Pendarves Lake is a small lake set in woodland and managed by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Visitors are few and far between thankfully. The lake usually holds 4-5 Little Grebe, 4-5 Moorhen, a couple of Mallard and that's about it however - a pair of Mute Swan arrive in spring to breed and the lake is sheltered so when others are frozen in hard winters it can hold Teal, Wigeon, Pintail, Gadwall, Scaup, Goldeneye, the occasional Sandpiper sp and once i found a Garganey (not on a WeBS count). It really is one of those lakes that is underwatched in general and undervalued where WeBS is concerned. It's the type of habitat the BTO would love to see more of counted but unfortunately because these types of areas are small people tend to think they are not important.

Today re-iterated this. Once again it's thrown up a nice surprise in a pair of Shoveller and 5 Gadwall. Hiding behind a bush to avoid disturbance a quiet seep seep was coming from up above - Goldcrest. Not one but three and then - wow that's green - FIRECREST. I just love Firecrest and it excites me every time i find one. What made this one even better was that it was the first one i have seen in this area. Just afterwards a Blue Tit prospected the nest box above me prompting me that i really must get mine finished next weekend.

It was over to Hells Mouth afterwards and at long last a Cormorant was seen flying onto the islet with nesting material.  This is such a relief as i was beginning to think it was'nt going to happen. 4 pairs, 3 nests between them, none of them at N1 stage so i would say all have starting building today. No change with the Shag, 120 Guillemot present, 78 Fulmar and 25 Razorbill

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