Sunday, 20 January 2013

A good weekend

The weekend sort of started during my lunch break at work on Friday when i took the short drive to Swanpool lake looking for colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls. A healthy flock of 70+ in the car park looked promising but an initial scan produced nothing. A couple of bites of salad butty later and another scan gave a green ring with white letters. Into the boot for the telescope, left it at home. Decided to try to edge closer to the flock when, out of nowhere, this dog appeared on one of those huge long retractable lead things and flushed the whole group. Not to be outdone i chucked some bread over and sure enough they came back - apart from the ringed bird.

After work a quick trip to Stithians gave an influx of Shoveller - from having nothing all season there were now eight on the reserve.

Saturday was a trip to Hells Mouth again, still 80+ Fulmar in the  area, very little Raven activity, half a dozen Shag building nests, Cormorants still doing nothing of note, just a bit of displaying.

The garden is coming to life. Chaffinch numbers  have exploded rising from eight over the Festive period up to 21 yesterday. A Pied Wagtail and a Song Thrush made a rare appearance and a pair of Great Tit are now making regular ventures to the sunflower hearts.

Today it was more or less straight home after work then a txt no sooner had i got home gave an unexpected opportunity to join Mark for an hours ringing at Stithians after lunch. Not much doing but did see a couple of Jays fly towards the feeding station. My first record of Jay here since 19th  May 2012.

Back over to  Hells Mouth mid afternoon had a lovely walk but practically nothing doing. Oh well, only another five days to wait before i can do it all again.


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