Saturday, 29 December 2012

Welcome return of the Greenfinch

As if laying in bed at 7am listening to the rain battering the windows wasn't enough when i did eventually get up and look out of the window the sight in the garden was as impressive as the weather. A seed feeder laying on the floor. A closer inspection was had only to find one of the ornamental arms had rusted and the weight of a huge feeder carrying nearly 1.5kg of seed was just too much for it. Now, the feeding station was a Gardman station with four ornate arms and two trays - a water bowl and a mesh tray until earlier in the year when, during a gale, the bottom pole broke away from the rest of the station. The top two pieces was still usable but it meant that the feeders dropped four foot in height. It actually worked to an advantage as they were now sheltered from the winds by the garden wall. It did mean though that i couldn't use the trays. I'll leave it set up but it'll be off to the garden centre tomorrow to buy another.

The weather once again put paid to any Thrush hunting manoeuvres this morning so it was observations of the garden again - the record for Chaffinch fell again moving up from eight to nine but the best news was the appearance of two Greenfinch. This is only the second record this year for my garden, the other coming in the first week of June. From what was a weekly sight, Greenfinch records are now standing at three in the last eighteen months.  Very disappointing.