Friday, 2 November 2012

What does a nest recorder do outside of the breeding season?

Well, he goes down to the hide on his local reserve an hour before dusk and listens to the Wigeon and Mallard chattering before they go to roost. He listens to the eerie squeal of the Water Rail, heard but not seen.

He listens to the Jackdaw chacking as they fly overhead to the roost with the enchanting sound of Curlew in the distance.

He watches the Magpie descending onto the feeding station to pick up the spilt nuts, beak filled with 7 or 8 at a time as it hops away to stash them under fallen leaves. He wonders when the Magpie will return for them or indeed will the Magpie remember where they are? He wonders if one of the furry creatures from the nocturnal world will find the hidden feasts tonight but above all -

He just relaxes and has fun.....

It's what the world of birds is all about......

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